Cross Strength Ministries is currently raising funds to open a discipleship training center in Wilson County, TN. 

This training center will be open to the community as a whole, for Christian Discipleship and Training.

Additionally, domestic violence offender classes, support groups, counseling (we call that discipleship), and a myriad of group therapy classes (addiction, grief, divorce, abortion recovery, etc) will be offered to the community as well as a fully equipped fitness center that runs parallels with all discipleship and treatment programs.

The Discipleship Center will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for the community to be spiritually fed whether it be discipleship, counseling, group classes, or crisis intervention. 

The Discipleship Center will also house a victim support center (safety protocols have been determined and will be established). Whereby resources and referrals, group and individual counseling, can be provided to victims and their families for shelter, advocacy, transportation, legal services, classes, and advocacy training to those in the community that desire to come alongside of us in this effort.

Services WILL INCLUDE several empirically proven programming options and services for offenders, victims, juveniles, and families – both volunteer and court-mandated programs will be available.

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