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Cross Strength Ministries is a Christ-centered, tax-exempt non-profit that focuses on “building up the body” of Christ. Cross Strength Ministry founder, David Ashley aka: The Pastor of Pump is mission focused, using faith and fitness to train up men and youth in the “way” of the Gospel. David is a pastor/evangelist with a Masters of Apologetics and a Master of Divinity and integrates his 30 years as a personal trainer to lead others in realizing that “True Strength is Found at the Foot of the Cross.”

Redemption. Restoration. Recovery. (R3 ) Domestic Violence Services and Training is a subsidiary of Cross Strength Ministries and is focused on ending the issues surrounding domestic abuse and family violence. Executive Director, Holly T. Ashley has been in the field of domestic abuse for over 35 years and has developed class curriculums and training programs for advocates, lay-counselors, and the church. In addition, David Ashley, a/k/a: the Pastor of Pump holds two master’s degrees in apologetics and divinity. Dave and Holly have written court mandated programing and batterer intervention programming for both victims and offenders. Holly holds degrees in both research and a master’s in forensic psychology.

Redemption. Restoration. Recovery. (R3) is a Christ-centered domestic violence services and training program that includes all aspects of counseling, case management, and resources and referrals. In addition, we offer services for the offender.

Our curriculums are based on empirical data and are biblically based and Christ centered. All classes are taught by facilitators who are trained, fingerprinted and background checked.

The domestic violence training manual for domestic violence service providers is a product of 35 years of working in every aspect of domestic violence including counseling, case management, advocacy, shelter executive, legislative, and judicial processes. This training and the curriculum and student workbooks that go with the national network of service providers, legal resources, shelter services, and more – give churches, ministries, advocates, and lay-counselors the tools they need to effectively provide services to both the victim and offender.

This curriculum also meets the criteria for court-mandated classes giving you the opportunity to start a domestic violence ministry in your church/community that provides healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a church home in which these can be discipled.

In this training you will learn the following:

The different types of abuse, the impact on our community, the effects on children, DHS/CPS, danger assessments, safety planning, police procedure, order of protections, victim rights, navigating the judicial system – including illegal immigrants and the law pertaining to them, the role of the advocate, the overview of our legal system, criminal law terminology in addition to an entire counseling and group class curriculum with topics that include overcoming abuse, sexual abuse, forgiveness, divorce recovery and so much more. of course all your states resources and referrals are also included.

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Education and Advocacy is essential in the fight against domestic violence. Whether in our communities or in our own congregation – Domestic Violence knows no boundaries. Our speakers are men and women  who have life experience that go beyond our degrees.

Both men and women are victims and offenders of violence and the children are left to learn from their experiences. However – It must be made aware that “sibling rivalry” is the number ONE form of domestic violence – therefore our 2020 training will include a comprehensive review of research and Scripture to enlighten and inform as well as provide effective solutions to this pervasive issue.

We have men and women available to speak on these issues and the complications that come with the consequences of all family violence.

Holly’s personal testimony of childhood molestation, gang rape, abortion, abuse and neglect tells its own story that led her into the 25 year cycle of violence and is an eye opener for those who chose not to believe Domestic Violence does indeed happen in the church.


Have a great counseling program but need some more information on Domestic Violence – Ask us. We’re here to help.

Want to set up a support group, but don’t know how or need resources? We can help.


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